Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Jonathan

Jon had court on Thursday. We are happy to report that he had some small victories. The commissioner lectured Yeala on the visitation (Jon has only seen Chandler 33 out of 80 possible times), and he told her that she was robbing both Jon and Chandler of valuable bonding time between father and son. He told her that there would be no more excuses, that NO MATTER what Jon would be seeing his son EVERY Saturday and Sunday (4 & 1/2 hours each day) or she would be held in contempt. She said that she had a trip planned in June, he basically replied "Not any more you don't". She said that way she would have no life on the weekends, he basically told her that she made that choice when she chose to get pregnant. He did mention about her missing their court date 2 weeks ago (she said she couldn't get off work), she had to pay Jon's lawyer $139.00 for court preparation costs, since Yeala has been so difficult and challenging to get into court. He asked her if she needed him to write a note to her employer stating that she was REQUIRED to appear in court no matter what. They are also going to go to mediation and she is going to pay for her part of it. It will be held in Ogden. She had to pay Jon part of his stimulus from last year back (she accidentally spent it on Christmas), and then $123.00 for a car payment Jon payed when she was late paying for it. They had her sign something that stated that she receieved the title so there won't be any confusion. He essentially told her that if she didn't quit messing that he would change custody with as much stuff as she has pulled and how she has denied Jon seeing his son so much. Jon probably could have gotten visitation outside of the house if they would have had a note from his counselor stating he was not a danger to the child. Anyways I think that's about it, I'm sure my mom will have more to add and/or change. Just wanted to update y'all on what's going on with Jon.

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