Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008

Thanks to everyone for your support of Jonathan during the past several months. Yesterday his lawyer filed a motion for Yeala to show cause as to why she is not letting him see his son very often and why she has disobeyed most of the items issued in the temporary orders. Hopefully we will be getting a new court date and get a lot of issues settled soon. His lawyer even requested that Jonathan be able to spend time with Chandler during the Holidays away from Yeala and her family. Maybe Utah relatives will get a chance to meet him finally.
Jennifer seems to be liking her new job at Petco. She is working lots of hours so we don't see much of her but she is getting out now and mingling with others.
Lara went with Michael, Nikki, Brigg and Brayden to the Gateway Discovery place yesterday. All seemed to have a good time. They then went to dinner at Tuscano's which is a Brazilian Resturant.
Heather and Rob are helping us figure out this blog thing. Hopefully we will soon be able to do it on our own.


Rob N Heather Thompson said...

Looks like you did a good job on your post Mom! You'll be a regular blogger in no time! We keep Jon and Chandler in our prayers constantly and hope for a speedy resolution so Chandler can get to know his father and family more. I know I grew up with the support of an awesome extended family and just wish that for Jon and Chandler as well. Glad to hear Lara & Mike/Nikki's family had a great time. Lara is such a great Aunt to everyone.

DeAnne said...

Congrats on your job, Jen! I am glad to hear she likes it. We will remember Jon and Chandler in our prayers. Lara is a wonderful aunt--she has always been a fun cousin, too!