Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chandler Jonathan Sims

Well we FINALLY got something to go our way with the divorce. Jon was able to see Chandler OUTSIDE of Yeala's house (court ordered in fact), in fact Yeala had to bring him down to Aunt Joyce's (Thank you for the use of your house it was greatly appreciated), and sit in the living room while we visited with Chandler. Although she told us he was sick on the way down, trying to stay with him, funny though....he didn't act or look sick. In fact, I think he quite enjoyed playing, and meeting cousins, and Aunts/Uncles. He even got brave enough to give out hugs towards the end of his visit. We have quite a few pictures, so am just gonna give 'teasers' until I can get them loaded in an album somewhere. We all agreed he looks a LOT like Jonathan.


Sims Family said...

Hi Cute pictures. Glad you all go to spend some time with Chandler. That is great.

Sims Family said...

Maybe I should say that Sims Family is us Danny and Kristy Family

Britany said...

Yeah for the victory! He is adorable. It was fun to see some pictures. Thanks for sharing Heather.